Comfy Tape Stops Shoe Pain!

What is Comfy Tape?


Comfy Tape is a Super Squishy, Super Sticky clear silicone gel strip that you put directly on your foot where the pain is. Comfy Tape has three layers for your comfort. The top layer provides friction relief, the super squishy middle layer provides relief from pressure and pain, and the bottom lay provides the super sitcky grip to keep Comfy Tape in place.


Comfy Tape is a Super Squishy Reusable SoftStep Gel strip which provides instant relief from shoe pain. Use the Clear SoftStep Gel strip on those hard to fix spots because you put it directly on your foot where you are having the pain!


Comfy Tape was designed by a woman shoe lover who had tried every type of product and always ended up either dealing with the pain or not wearing her favorite shoes. She tried shoe inserts, other gel pads - which roll up or move around or change the size of the shoe and always ended up just using band-aids which don't provide real relief from the pressure and rubbing. So after years of working on a product that solved all of the problems the others didn't you now have Comfy Tape!


How does it work?


Comfy Tape’s top layer provides protection from your shoe sliding and rubbing and the super squishy, super sticky silicone gel layer provides a thick squishy protective layer which INSTANTLY takes away the pain caused by those uncomfortable shoes


Comfy Tape’s top layer also keeps the strip from firm enough so that it won't move and roll up like those Band Aid type products.


Comfy Tape’s gel layer is thick enough to provide real protection from pressure unlike blister bandages which are too thin to provide protection and end up rolling up and moving around. 


The silicone gel is sticky enough to keep the strip in place without leaving a residue when removed, and it's washable so you can re-use the strip.



Comfy Tape is easy to use

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