How to use

Super Squishy Comfy Tape is available in travel packs.

Comfy Tape comes in ready to use pre-cut strips. The travel pack contains 8 reusable pieces and is great to keep in your purse for those times when your shoes hurt and you need instant relief.  


Easy To Use

1. Remove the protective backing

2. Apply the comfy tape strip directly on area of pain.  Skin must be clean, dry and wound free.

3. Enjoy the comfort!


Comfy Tape is reusable.  Simply wash with soap and water; let dry and re-apply.


Customize your size

Comfy Tape's standard size pre-cut pieces can be easily cut to any size or shape. Just remember to round those corners so you don't get poked by a pointy corner.

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Comfy Tape Stops Shoe Pain

What is Comfy Tape?


Comfy Tape is a Super Squishy, Super Sticky clear silicone gel strip that you put directly on your foot where the pain is. Comfy Tape has three layers for your comfort. The top layer provides friction relief, the super squishy middle layer provides relief from pressure and pain, and the bottom lay provides the super sitcky grip to keep Comfy Tape in place.


How does it work?


Comfy Tape’s top layer provides protection from your shoe sliding and rubbing and the super squishy, super sticky silicone gel layer provides a thick squishy protective layer which INSTANTLY takes away the pain caused by those uncomfortable shoes


Comfy Tape’s top layer also keeps the strip from firm enough so that it won't move and roll up like those Band Aid type products.


Comfy Tape’s gel layer is thick enough to provide real protection from pressure unlike blister bandages which are too thin to provide protection and end up rolling up and moving around. 


The silicone gel is sticky enough to keep the strip in place without leaving a residue when removed, and it's washable so you can re-use the strip.



Comfy Tape is Easy to Use, and Provides Instant Relief

More Reasons to Use Comfy Tape.

Never be embarrassed by band-aids again!


Comfy Tape is transparent so it can be used anywhere on your foot.  Comfy Tape can be lifted, re-applied and still firmly hold. 


Comfy Tape is a clear medical grade silicone:

Hypo-allergenic adhesive

Leaves no residue

Latex free


Simply place a piece of Comfy Tape directly on the painful spot of your foot and slip your shoe back on and enjoy INSTANT relief!


Comfy Tape can be used on multiple areas of the feet.   For example, shoe straps & buckles that dig in, on the heel, sides of the foot where blisters and sore spots develop from the foot and shoe rubbing.  Comfy Tape can be used ANYWHERE on the foot that there is pain. 

Comfy Tape is made with a strong hypo-allergenic silicone adhesive that is reusable.  So after a long day or night just remove comfy tape; wash with soap & water; dry and replace the white backing film.  It's ready to use again!


So use Comfy Tape and enjoy the day or night in the perfect pair of shoes!  


 "Who says you can't look great and be comfortable?" 

Comfy Tape provides on-the-spot relief!


From sandals, flip-flops, flats and boots to stilettos, wedges or bridal shoes – Comfy Tape can stop the pain because you put it right on your foot not the shoe. 


Comfy Tape isn’t just for feet

You can use Comfy Tape almost anywhere you need padding and protection from rubbing or pressure.  Try it under your bra straps or where the underwire pokes you. 


Seniors should use Comfy Tape too. My Mom uses it on her elbows and wrists to protect against the pain from her bone spurs. Just make sure the area is clean, dry and wound free.


Please note:  Comfy Tape is not a medical device and contains no medicines or ointments. Comfy Tape simply removes pressure and friction and provides relief from surface pain caused by pressure and rubbing. For best reuse results let comfy tape air dry before re-applying the white backing.  The ability for reuse will vary based on the amount of pressure and heat being applied to the strip. Typically, you should be able to get 2-5 reuses. Individual results may vary.


Warning: Comfy Tape should not be applied to open wounds. Comfy Tape is a small item and may cause a choking hazard - Keep away from small children. If you experience any adverse reaction to Comfy Tape, discontinue use and consult a doctor. 


Additional Warnings: Comfy Tape may cause the ability to wear really pretty and expensive shoes and increase the number of shoes purchased.

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